Health Care

Panacal HC19 / HC191
This product is cultured L-Calcium Lactate granular powder which has excellent water solubility. It is manufactured by our original technology without any kind of bulking or binding agents. Easily absorbed by human body, a great source of calcium supplement.
Contains vitamin D3, high units of CPP?( Casein phosphopeptides) which could effectively enhance the absorbing of calcium in human body.

Direction of use and dosage suggestion
- Can be consumed directly. 10 to 30 balls for 2 to 3 times per day.
- Can be cooked with rice. Use 10-15 balls with one cup of rice.
- Can be cooked with soup. Put 10-30 balls per serving.
- Can be cooked with any kinds of dishes.

Preservation Instructions
- Store in a cool, dry place while avoiding direct sunlight.
- Use within 6 months of first opening.
- Please confirm the ingredients before taking this product if allergic to dairy products.

When do you need calcium supplements?
- Children development - Menopause
- Puberty - When you have imbalanced diets
- Pregnancy

Enefull (Lychee Polyhenols) NE013

Enefull is made from natural fruit- Lychee, it is one of the first oligomerized polyphenols product. It is highly active, easy to absorb, adjusts physiological function and accelerates metabolism and reduces fatigue. Its main ingredient- lychee extracts (lychee polyphenols) earned recognition from the United States FDA New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) approval; also received Self-Affirmed GRAS.

Direction of use and dosage:
- 1 packet once a day, stir well in 150c.c. of water (cold or warm) .

Important notice:
** Read package label carefully before consuming.
** If feel uncomfortable after drinking, please stop using immediately and consult a physician.
** Consult your physician, nutritionist, or pharmacist prior to using this product if you are pregnant or have a medical condition.
** Made from natural ingredients, it is natural if any change
of color occurs, please feel free to consume.
** Please consume quickly after opening

100% Salmon Oil NE022

Coming from the pure waters in the Arctic. For retain all its nutrition and natural flavor. The salmon fishes is harvesting to extract within 68 minutes and kept under nitrogen. The design of chewable soft capsules creates a suitable supplement for both children and seniors which can be taken easily.

Direction of use and dosage:
- Chew or swallow 2 softgels daily. .

Important notice:
**Please consult a physician, pharmacist or nutritionist about the consumption of this product beforehand; a balanced diet and appropriate exercise are the foundation of health.
**The product cannot treat or correct any disorders; patients still have to see a doctor.
**It's recommended that calcium or milk is taken at least two hours apart from the product to ensure the proper absorption of the product.